The annual charges are calculated from the costs of payment transactions, cellular network charges and system costs. Each transaction has an additional service charge added to the total for the cost of network transmission and administration. This is 1.4% plus 20p for all topups. For example a topup of £5 will incur 27p of charges.

When energy is purchased from the Topupmeters site we will immediately attempt to send a request to the meter to process the top-up. In the event that the top-up cannot be processed for any reason we will send the topup request again after 30 minutes until it is eventually accepted by the meter. However if GSM signal coverage is insufficient to make a connection to the meter we may in some cases be unable to process the topup. Using the 2 buttons on the meter the 20 digit code can be entered manually to update credit on the meter. Check the consumer guide for more details on manual code entry.

There is a minimum top-up amount of £5 and a maximum of £100.

Our registered address is: Topupmeters Ltd, 7 High Street, Farnborough Village, Kent, BR6 7BQ Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm. Our trading address is: Topupmeters Ltd, Unit 3 IO Centre, Salbrook Road Industrial Estate, Salfords, Surrey, RH1 5GJ.